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Best Android Games Offline

Best Android Games Offline

Google yearly pickups the best apps and games from Google Play Store. Google Best Apps and Games are listed in Google Play awards. The pickups for Google Play awards 2022 are here, and Google users can customize their experiences by downloading these apps and games and apps. Google list these apps after analyzing the apps and games uploaded on a yearly basis on Google Play Store. These apps are divided into nine categories, and each category further has four or five apps and games based on the rankings of Google Play Awards. Best Android Games Offline .Here is the list of Google’s best apps and games 2022:

Google Best Apps and Games 2018 - Best Android Games Offline

Standout Indie: Old Man’s Journey

Standout Indie is a Google Play award category for apps and games which are designed by independent developers. Standout Indie apps and games are not backed by any company. This category is specifically attributed to mark the contributions of independent developers. The Standout Indie Google Play award 2022 is won by Old Man’s Journey, a game by Broken Rules Interactive Media. Old Man’s Journey is an adventurous game based on the difficulties of old age. The game offers great gameplay and several experiences based on difficulties and puzzles. The concept of the game is the main contribution for listing the game in Google Play awards 2022.

Best Social Impact: Khan Academy

The best social impact category of Google Play awards consists of apps which are socially viable and create an impact on the societies. The educational, societal, health and awareness apps are included in this category. Google Play awards nominate Khan Academy App in this category for 2022. Kahn Academy app offers huge resources for learning purposes. The app is a treasure of online and offline learning material including videos and personalized learning dashboards. Kahn academy app caters to several learning subjects including mathematics, history, and economics. These features include the Khan Academy app to Google Best Apps.

Best Android Games Offline  - Best Android Games Offline

Standout Startup: Canva

The standout category in Google Play awards includes the apps and games which are designed by new developers and offer great experience while catering the needs of the users. This category is won by Canva App. Canva is a photo editor app which lets the users edit photos and add creative art designs to them. Furthermore, the users can create photo cards, social media posts, and banners. The designs of these arts can be customized within the Canva app. The app also features fun, easy accessibility and fast processing which make it easy for the users to create different interactive designs within no time. These features have ranked Canva into the list of Google Play awards 2022.

Best Breakthrough Hit: Empire and Puzzles

The breakthrough hit category contains apps and games which provide tremendous user experience and enhance user interest with interactive design and features. The breakthrough hits also crate high demand with great user experiences. This category for Google Best Apps goes ranks ‘Empire and Puzzles’ as the best breakthrough hit. Empire and Puzzles is an adventurous game which foster player’s ability to quest for puzzle solving skills. The players create the armies, build the forts and fight to protect their territories. These gameplay features strong and creative ideas to offer mind-blowing experience to the users.

Standout Build for Billions Experience: Flipkart

The standout build for billions experience is a category devised by Google Play awards to rank the apps and games with best cultural and local penetration. The Google Play awards 2022 chose ’Flipkart’ in this category. Flipkart is an online retailing business which has captured the Indian e-commerce market within a couple of years. Flipkart now deals in all kinds of online retailing items, and it has captured a huge market share. The company is now vying to go international owing to its huge business operations and market accessibility. The company is in a direct competition with Amazon which also speaks about the success of the company.

The Top Pickups for Google Play Award - Best Android Games Offline

Best AR or VR Experience: BBC Earth: Life in VR

This category includes the apps and games which provide the best user experience by utilizing ARCore and Digital User Interface. The Google best apps in this category also apply virtual reality to give a real impact to the users. The BBC Earth: Life in VR gives you a live experience of the natural habitats. The animals, plants, and insects which are the part of the natural environment are highlighted to give a clear view to the users. The deep ocean life also comes real with BBC Earth: Life in VR. The app is used along with the VR headsets to get an amazing experience of nature.

Standout Well-Being App: Simple Habit

The growing health concerns across the world have made people conscious about their health and food choices. In recent years, the technology has also played a vital role to help people come out of health concerns by using health apps which are a great resource for motivation and healthy tips for daily routine. Simple Habit is also an amazing app to reduce the stress level and to meditate the daily routine. The app offers several meditation sessions arranged by the professionals. These methods help people to change their daily routine and reduce the stress level. The high-level sessions in the app can be accessed by paying the premium.

Best Community Building Game: Episode

The community building games fall under the Google Ply awards 2022 category of social and community-building games. This year, Google has selected ‘Episode’ as the best community building game. Episode is an interactive game which allows the users to make stories and also indulge in the stories. The game incorporates creative title to enhance the user experience. Furthermore, Episode is also the best storytelling platform. Episode is socially viable and fosters the community building process. The social interaction and community building techniques applied by the users make them active towards the community and the society.

Best Accessibility Experience: Be My Eyes

The accessibility apps are aimed to help the disabled and people with special needs. Be My Eyes is selected from the Google Best Apps for accessibility. Be My Eyes helps the disables person through building a connection of needs of a disabled person over the internet with the volunteers. The volunteers who want to help the disabled person are guided with the camera of the phone and they can tell the disabled person that which thing is in their way to complete a task. The algorithm applied by the app did not let the disabled person helpless if one volunteer did not pick the call. The app forwards the call to another volunteer.


The Google play awards 2018 are devised to appreciate the bet platforms, app, and games which are vying to provide the best user experiences. However, there are large apps in the Play Store which also carry huge potential, and these apps should also be utilized to maximize the user experience. The categories of Google Play awards are set to promote the individual app for a certain category. The Google play awards also create an insight in users to analyze the ingredient of a remarkable app or game.

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