Top 6 freelancing websites for Earning Free Money

freelancing websites Review

Freelancing in developing countries like Pakistan and India has changed the dynamics of labour and work.

The freelancing market has removed the boundaries for workers; now they can live and work anywhere owing to tools like video chat, email, Skype, and messaging services like WhatsApp.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is estimated that by 2020, the number of self-employed will rise from the current 15.5 million in 2017 to 60 million or more than 40 percent of the nation’s workforce freelancing websites Earning Free.

In the freelancing market, the number of freelancing platforms are also rising due to billion-dollar economy, but the top 6 freelancing websites for Earning Free Money of 2017 are still capturing g more than 75 percent of the freelancing market.


  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. Freelancer
  4. 99designs
  5. People per hour
  6. Toptal


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1. Upwork

The merger of Elance and Odesk in 2014 resulted into a single website, Upwork, which is now the largest freelancing platform on earth with more than 10 million registered members, 4 million clients and 3 million jobs posted every year. On it, you can find jobs related to IT, software development, writing & translation, sales & support, data entry, and graphic designing, etc. It must be noted that the top skills on Upwork are IT and Tech-related skills as they count for nearly 65% of the jobs posted on it. The top countries on Upwork are India, United States, Bangladesh, Philippines, and Pakistan. In 2017, its monthly traffic has surged to around 39 million according to similar website stats.

freelancing websites for Earning Free Money - Top 6 freelancing websites for Earning Free Money

Upwork still holds a lot of potential for Pakistan freelancers and IT experts; it offers an untapped market where they can sign up for hourly or fixed price, short or long-term projects. It is still easy to use with embedded features of chat, time-tracker, and escrow payment protection. It only takes 10 to 20 percent commission from the freelancers’ earnings in return.



2. Fiverr

Fiverr, the largest marketplace was founded by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman in 2010 for skilled freelance workers and the buyers who wanted their services named gigs. It started off with $5 gigs jobs but the marketplace dynamics have evolved and gig sellers skilled workers can charge from $ $10,000 for their gig services. Now with its pro services, the skilled freelancers and small agencies from developing countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh can make earn millions from Fiverr Pro.

fiveer 1024x682 - Top 6 freelancing websites for Earning Free Money


Today, Fiverr has become the largest marketplace on the planet with more than 39 million monthly traffic, listing millions of gigs services in more than 100 categories and from over 200 countries worldwide. The top 3 countries monthly traffic-wise are the USA, Pakistan, and India.




3. Freelancer

Freelancer is the 3rd largest freelance marketplace with over 25 million users from the globe. It is based in Australia and known as a crowdsourcing marketplace. Here small businesses and entrepreneurs can find talents for various jobs such as writing, graphics designing, web development, data entry, social media marketing, sales support, etc. Currently, its monthly traffic is around 14.8 million as per Similarweb statistics where India leads to the top freelancing country on it. Hence, it offers a great opportunity for Pakistani and other Asian countries freelancers who are looking for venturing into the freelancing world.

Freelancer - Top 6 freelancing websites for Earning Free Money

freelancing websites for Earning Free Money



4. 99desings

99designs is also the 4th largest freelancing website as per monthly traffic statistics and a great tool for designers looking to show their talent to the world and earn extra income. This platform, as the name suggests, deals with designers only and every job comes in the form of a contest. Clients are directed to crowdsource their projects with specific budget and instructions then letting designers submit their work based on the project brief.

99desings - Top 6 freelancing websites for Earning Free Money

After a specific time, the client finalizes the best design as per his specific instruction, and the designer gets paid.  99designs offers a great opportunity for Pakistani Designers as they don’t take any of the top 5 slots on the website. As per monthly traffic statistic of Similarweb, 99designs’ monthly traffic is 5.6 million where the USA is on the top and India falls at 3rd.




5. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is the 5th largest freelancing website with monthly traffic of 4.2 million from around the globe. The leading country is the UK while India falls on 2nd as per monthly traffic stats of Similarweb. This platform caters to skills related IT, web, software, graphics designing, social media marketing and SEO.

PeoplePerHour 1024x576 - Top 6 freelancing websites for Earning Free Money

The site has a technology tool, WorkStream, which as simplified the business side by streamlining its payment, communication, and management of job, all in one place. There is a free plan for freelancers to apply for 15 jobs before signing up for the premium plan.





Toptal is the 6th largest freelancing websites with monthly traffic of 5 million for the elite software engineers and digital designers from over 100 countries around the globe. The USA is a top country on it while India stands at 2nd number whereas Pakistan does not fall in the top 10 countries on it. Hence it offers a great opportunity for the leading IT and graphic designers of Pakistan.

Toptal  - Top 6 freelancing websites for Earning Free Money

However, what makes Toptal to the elite platform is its Rigorous screening process of comprising of five steps. It weeds out all but the top 3 percent of the talent from all applicant, which means you will join an exclusive freelance community where fortune 500 companies such as Airbnb, IDEA, JP Morgan,  HP, and Pfizer, etc. hire the experts.



 Toptal says that “we connect the top 3% of freelance talent all over the world”.

On Toptal, you can work on hourly, part-time or full time and decide your own rates so you will not be negotiating every time or getting stuck in bidding war.

freelancing websites Review , Earning Free Money Online.

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