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What is search engine optimization and How to do it?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is a broad term commonly used for the methods which are being used to ensure the “visibility of the website” along with its content on the (SERPs) Search Engine Results Pages.  The visibility of the site means how high is SERP of the website is for certain search terms in the ‘organic’ results. This type of result is those which naturally appear on the web page instead of paid-for sections.

search engine optimization


search engine optimization - What is search engine optimization and How to do it?


search engine optimization Tips 2022 Guide

Search engines can help index the site easily and quickly by providing clear navigation and building strong site architecture. Not only this, the visitors to the site can be encouraged to revisit or repeat visits after having a good experience. In the same way, Go.ogle also pays particular attention to the experience of users including site speed and optimization.


On-Page and Off-Page Search engine optimization

These methods differ from technical practices that are implemented behind the scenes on the website such as ‘on-page SEO’ in addition to all the marketing efforts referred as ’off-page SEO.’ Such approaches can be used to raise the visibility of the site for such as social media marketing and link-building.


On Page Off Page Search engine optimization - What is search engine optimization and How to do it?

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the actual blog or page. In the past, the popular ways of ranking search engines websites were determining the frequency and prominence of certain phrases and keywords of the site to assign an appropriate degree of weight. If the keywords were used in the prominent place such as title, headings, images and domain names. That was the assumption how people were doing SEO practices for getting top ranking their page of Google search.


Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO    is done via link building and guest-posting to other social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn and high authority sites to enhance the ranking of websites.


The process of Search engine optimization

Martin Asser described Search engine optimization (SEO) as a method of tailoring web content to make things more findable and visible to search engines for the convenience of users. It deals with the understanding of search engines, how does it work and what words are most likely to be searched. On the other hand for web journalists, writing appropriate headlines that make stories easy to search on search engines. The other purpose of making stories easier and appear at the top of the list of links so that people can have frequent visits hence the increasing hits and new users can be attained.


How to do SEO?

SEO works when the users search for any term via a search engine such as Google; the results are fetched through a series of websites that are related to the query and websites with substantial domain authority. For instance, if the user searched for some cake recipe, the top results would be presented that are adopting the best SEO practices. The main reason is that the search engines use advanced crawlers that collect from the entire approachable website, collecting every bit of content can be approached on the internet. That develops an index for the website that Google has created for the best practice of SEO as compared to the algorithm.


The search engines determine relevance and popularity. Here the word relevance stands for finding a page with the right words. In the landscape of the web, the search engine was limited to the simplistic step, and the results did not go much further than a limited value. With the passage of time, search engines were devised by smart engineers and made them work in a better way to match queries of the searchers in a better way.  The search engines strive to contain all those sites, ages and documents that contain valuable and relevant information. The assertion has proven successfully and fairly regarding the satisfaction of users with search results. The relevance and popularity are not determined manually, rather than the search engines use mathematical equations and algorithms to distinguish valuable things from worthless ones and then rank them in order of quality.

Step of the process of How SEO Works

How SEO Works 1024x1020 - What is search engine optimization and How to do it?

  • Onsite the website infrastructure and content
    • Highlighting the best and appropriate clusters of keyword
    • matching present content to specific target clusters of keyword
    • making new content for the specific target clusters of keyword
    • approaching the best architecture and website infrastructure
  • Offsite deals with the process of referring websites from other online sources
    • Creating a profile of on-theme and high-quality incoming links
    • Approaching active and relevant social media presence
    • Making citations (non-linking references)
    • In any case, half of the SEO results are impacted by elements outside the direct control


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