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Ten Ways of Email Marketing in 2022

Ten Ways of Email Marketing in 2022

Email marketing is a process of marketing by sending a commercial message to the people via email.  In other words, all the emails sent to the current or potential customers can consider email marketing. The email marketing is typically used to send request business, advertisements, donations and solicit sales. The core purpose or email marketing is to build trust, loyalty and brand awareness. Ten Ways of Email Marketing in 2022

Email Marketing in 2022

Email Marketing Tips - Ten Ways of Email Marketing in 2022


Types of Email for Email Marketing:

There are few types of email marketing. The brief explanation is given below;

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are based on the action of the consumers with a company. The transactional emails are based on professional relationship messages, and the primary motive of communication is to complete, facilitate, confirm a commercial transaction, dropped basket messages, order status emails, email receipts, reorder emails and password reset emails. These emails comprised of the purpose to communicate information concerning the action that triggered it. These emails can be used as an opportunity to introduce new things and extend the email relationship with consumers or subscribers.

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Direct emails

Direct email is the process to send an email exclusively to convey a promotional message such as special offer. Many companies use to collect a list of email addresses to send direct emails for

marketing. Sometimes companies rent a list of email addresses from different service companies. Furthermore, safe mail marketing is also being used.

Mobile email marketing

Email marketing grows traffic amount by smartphones and tablets. Now marketers are trying different ways an advertisement for more users. But the rate of delivery is still relatively low because of filtering-out of advertising as well as users have different email accounts for different objectives. Modern email marketing is considered as pull strategy than a push strategy. Email marketing is developing by using cell phones and tablets.


Email marketing has many advantages because it is popular with companies:

  • Email marketing is considered as the second most effective online marketing tactic, and it can be tracked as well as it has proved to be high.
  • Email marketing is faster, cheaper and significant than traditional mail; it is because the traditional mail requires artwork, addressing, printing and mailing.
  • ESP (email service provider) is being used in the form of a high volume of emails by many businesses and organizations with the purpose to collect information about the responses of the recipients. This information can provide insights to understand and take advantage of consumer behavior.
  • Email is a very cost-effective method to experiment diverse marketing content.
  • The data by email channel can be used in all channels of both print and digital in marketing campaigns.
  • Substantial numbers who are subscribers can have opted in to receive the email.
  • Most of the people check their email daily, and approximately half of the Americaninternet users check their email on a typical day.
  • Email is famous in the digital markets and increasing up to 15% in 2009 in the UK.

Types of Email for Email Marketing - Ten Ways of Email Marketing in 2022

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  • Email marketing has high response rate as compared to standard email.
  • It saves time because email marketing demands a template of email and is ready to send as many as a possible individual at the time.

Mobile email marketing - Ten Ways of Email Marketing in 2022


It has some disadvantages as well such as:

  • Email deliverability is a problem for valid marketers.
  • A report revealed that legitimate email servers 73% delivery rate in the U.S. Germany delivers at 80%, Britain at 88%, Australia at 90%, France at 84%, Brazil at 79% and Canada at 89%.
  • Also, customers receive on average approximately 90 emails per day.
  • CAN-SPAM is introduced to control spam due to its increasing rate.

Email Marketing Tips

1) The first tip is to make your own list because purchasing a list of emails is just a time waste. Also, the email addresses would most probably label you a spammer due to sending unsolicited emails.  Therefore the risk is also associated with buying list of emails and suggested to develop an email list that would be risk-free.

2) The second tip is to follow rules of the CAM-SPAM Act and other policies and laws of your country which is based on -deceptive subject line

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