How does Trade Bitcoins work in 5 simple steps

How does Trade Bitcoins work in 5 simple steps

Bitcoin Is Global

Bitcoin is not a currency, and it does not influence directly the policies and economic situation of any single country. The history of Bitcoin reveals that it reacted to bid events. There were some events that increased its prices such as panic and general economic uncertainty. There is no official Bitcoin exchange as compared to stock markets. Bitcoin does not possess an official price. Bitcoin has hundreds of exchanges in all over the world and successfully operates 24/7 for the reason that there is no official Bitcoin exchange. This process provides arbitrage opportunities, but the exchanges remain in the same range of general price.

Steps to trading bitcoin

There are five simple steps of trade bitcoin that can help in trading bitcoin successfully. The steps are mentioned below;

The first step of trade bitcoin is to open an account

The first step of starting trade bitcoin all you need is to create an account for trading. It is simple and easy to create an account. It takes a short time to get set up, and in the right next step, you can take your first position by adding funds to your account. Remember one thing that if you are thinking to sell or buying bitcoin then you are not required to have a bitcoin exchange account. The reason is that you trade on the price which is given to you by your multiple exchanges.

The second step is to do your research

In the second step, all you need is to explore the ins and outs of trading bitcoins. Before starting, make sure your speed is the same as per bitcoins news and get familiarity with the price of the cryptocurrency. Here you need to understand the factors influencing bitcoins. It is free from the impact of political and economical concerns which create an impact on the traditional currencies. The market is still developing, and there is much ambiguity unique for cryptocurrency. Amongst all the factors any factor can influence and can create significant and unexpected influence on its price. Hence you need to understand the risks associated with it. Charts are very invaluable tools for interpreting the behavior of bitcoins. The Past data can provide help for making sense of the development of the market and comparing timeframes can give a deep insight and understanding about emerging patterns and trends.

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The third step is applying your strategy

In the next step when you have already opened your position, you need to direct and control it by using different trading strategies. There are numerous strategies of trading bitcoins, and these can employ for different traders in various ways. In this step, you need to have deep insight into the right strategy at the right time. Making deciding about the right strategy is crucial to your short-term and long trading success.

The fourth step is placing a trade

In the fourth step when you have managed your position you need to place a trade by using a web trading platform. Then you will decide on the amount you will invest and stake in the deal ticket on trading bitcoins. Here you can define the conditions such as manage stop to close your position in the critical situation when the market is against you by a certain amount, and similarly, you can limit in the favourable market environment. These stops and limits can help you in risk management. When you think the value of bitcoin will rise then, you will buy the market, but when you fear that its value will fall then, you will sell.

The fifth step is to close your position

In the last step, you need to close your position. If you have hot your target profit and in case you desire to compensate your losses, you need to close your position. For closing your positions, you need to reverse of your original trade. For instance, you have bought in the first instance then you will sell, but if you have sold in the first instance, then you will buy now. Your deal ticket will be automatically filled according to your position size. In the simple word all you need is to click either on ‘sell’ or ‘buy’ for closing your trade.

Bitcoin Trading Strategies

There are numerous strategies of trading bitcoins, and these can employ for different traders in various ways.

Day Trading

Day trading is a strategy which is used when you wish to respond to the short-term opportunities. In the day trading you take up your position on the expected short-term movements, and at the end of the trading day, you close it. The strategy is useful in light of emerging patterns or developing news and when you incline to work on short-term opportunities in the bitcoin market

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Trade Bitcoins work in 5 simple steps - How does Trade Bitcoins work in 5 simple steps

Swing trading

Swing trading is catching trends at the time when they form and maintain position before the time the trend shows signs of a reversal or trend runs its course. This strategy is useful in case if you wish to take advantage of opportunities of market momentum.

Trade Bitcoins work in 5 steps - How does Trade Bitcoins work in 5 simple steps


This strategy is useful when you wish to keep on moving gradually instead of significant breakdown or breakout. In this strategy, you make minor price movements in trading bitcoins. In this strategy, you place frequent, intraday trades. The scalping strategy of trade bitcoins helps you in making small but continuous profits instead of significant breakdown or breakout.

Trade Bitcoins work in 5 simple steps - How does Trade Bitcoins work in 5 simple steps

Automated trading

This strategy automates your trading processes and reacts on your behalf to unstable market conditions. This strategy works perfectly when you are a passive trader

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